Fortunately, Buenzli takes place in one of the biggest cities in Switzerland. And even more great, the partyplace is approx. 10 minutes from the train station (Bern, Switzerland) if you decide to walk or 4 minutes with the bus. Check out the maps!

If you need help finding the location, for example when you arrived at the mainstation and have no idea where to go, don't hesitate and go to the tourist office and ask for 'Bierhuebeli'.

Download all the maps as a .zip file for easier printing.

buenzli by train

Buenzli by train is the most easy solution to come to the party - despite the fact that you don't bring too much hardware of course.

Note that you should leave the Berne Main Station on the backside, where you can see elevators going up. There you have to go to the upmost deck and leave the elevator.

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buenzli by car

Switzerland / Autoroutes (a bit outdated though)

The yellow lines are the autoroutes

You see the purple thing? It's the autoroute. You have to leave the highway in Berne Neufeld and the move to the red point.

And the whole thing with a little bit more details: You can easily see the Neufeld where you have to leave the autoroute.

Buenzli by SMS
Send an SMS containing 'buenzli on' to 20199 for swiss or +41 79 718 6667 for non-swiss mobile phones to stay up to date about buenzli.