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the swiss scene event

The Buenzli party is a demoparty regularly organized in Switzerland. After having started with the roots of the swiss pc scene, it slowly left the woods to join some hotel undergounds. The party meeting its success, it joined the
bigger places with time to finnally settle with style in the Bierhübeli, Bern city.

The party features an awesome partyplace, this room is very famous for its many concerts, parties and other events it feature all the year. You'll enjoy watching great demoshows on the bigscreen (almost non stop) while drinking a beer at the bar or the chill out corner.

Being first the ultimate swiss scene event, the Buenzli attracts every year more and more foreign sceners, searching the real scene feeling and incredible party atmosphere downtown Switzerland. In other words, even with no computer, you'll have huge fun.

You will have to bring your own network equipment (hubs, switches, cables, cards, whatever you need) and your own power connectors, cables and plugs and whatever you might need more. We won't sell or lease anything!

even more important

For special life shows, we would be very happy if anybody could bring something of the following stuff for us to use:

  • Fast laptops, available on Friday. They'd need a soundoutput and an USB port.
  • An audio mixer with 4 - 6 inputs.
  • Turntables

If you could bring anything of this: Contact us at Thank you!




16th-18th august 2002
opens on friday, 17:00h
closes on sunday, 12:00h

Bierhuebeli, Bern, SWITZERLAND
Look at our maps to see how to get there.

45CHF (40CHF in prepay or for foreigners)
.. makes 27€ (Euro payment only for foreigners)

quick facts
  • great location
  • room for about 200 sceners
  • bigscreen with great sound system
  • art and fun compos
  • events, like DJ's, liveacts etc.
  • cool bar, alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks
  • food supply, pizza's
  • very stable network
  • wavelan (bring your own cards)
  • chill out corner
  • seperate sleeping room
  • city centered, near the train station... near EVERYTHING
  • very friendly organizers :)) with a special 'foreigner PR division" that will lead you in some exciting local bars if there's interest...
  • and the traditional FREE COKE & ICE-TEA!!!! (about 1000l last year)
  • in other words, be there or be lame.

Buenzli by SMS
Send an SMS containing 'buenzli on' to 20199 for swiss or +41 79 718 6667 for non-swiss mobile phones to stay up to date about buenzli.