Welcome back home, sceners!

The buenzli party returns in full force.

The party will be held from Friday 16th till Sunday 18th August 2002. The good thing about this date is, that it doesn't collide with the "Street Parade". So all you rave-headz can also attend.

And again at the coolest place ever, the Bierhuebeli, Bern city.

The website keeps being updated, so check back often!

feat. fake that, vantage, xibalba & calodox


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tshirt special reorder offer - cancelled

we had to cancel the tshirt reordering offer: there were not too many orders and out of them, only one single guy paid for his shirt. the shirts would simply be too expensive that way.

what's up with buenzli?

we're currently looking for a new location for the next buenzli. in the meantime, you can still browse the old buenzli website and look at the results.

buenzli photo stories

during the time after buenzli eleven, several reports and photostories popped up out there in the internet [to add you own report/photo collection, send an url to unlock]

success stories

the last weekend in the 'dampfzentrale' in bern was quite a success, people were interested in the demos we were showing and it might be that one or another will follow the demoscene closer now. thanks to choi and genox for making it possible and being there most of the time. [/unlock].

demos @ dampfzentrale, bern

genox, choi and unlock of vantage will attend the v.i.d, a festival for video art taking place on the upcoming weekend (5., 6. and 7. september), and show demos there. three evenings of non-stop demoshow. of course also some promotional actions for buenzli will happen. be there and have a beer with us. more infos on the dampfzentrale homepage.

buenzli eleven is over

this buenzli was the best buenzli ever! thanks to all visitors and attenders for your support! you supported us in a great way - and finally it's you who made the party.

we had had something like 150 - 200 visitors (some of them just for some hours). we had 43 entries in the competition (which were of a very high quality, mostly) and we had 3 days of great fun.

competition results can be found on our results page. we'd like to hear your feedback to the party! send us an email to info@buenz.li with points you'd like to mention!

team members leaving

after this year's buenzli party, gargamel, coimbra and posh will leave our team. thanks for all of them for their support and it was a pleasure to work with you.

read buenzli preparty news

the buenzli eleven pre-party news can be found here.

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Send an SMS containing 'buenzli on' to 20199 for swiss or +41 79 718 6667 for non-swiss mobile phones to stay up to date about buenzli.